EAW Resolution

EAW Resolution

Program to model the performance of multiple acoustic arrays within a venue
EAW Resolution v2.8
22 Aug 2019
EAW Resolution v2.1
13 Jan 2015
EAW Resolution v2.0
17 Oct 2013
EAW Resolution v1.3
14 Jul 2011
EAW Resolution v1.2
24 Dec 2010
EAW Resolution v1.1
14 Jun 2010

What's new

v2.1 [13 Jan 2015]
· Added Otto Adaptive Subwoofer and Otto Array Assistant.
· Several improvements to Network Configuration View for Adaptive systems, including:
o Improved array self-recognition speed and accuracy.
o Added progress bars for improved array feedback.
o Added the ability to reboot modules remotely.
o Added LED options to Array Configuration dialogue for Adaptive Module.
o Added the ability to change inputs even if one or more module is offline.
o Improved handling of communication errors via progress bars and pop-up dialogs.
· Users now have the option to drive multi column Anya arrays either Adaptively or Uniformly (see Help File for more detail).
· Anya and Otto 3D enclosure and flybar models are now significantly more detailed and realistic.
· Adaptive systems acoustical model calculations are now more efficient; calculation time is greatly reduced.
· X, Y and Z-axis lines in the negative direction are now dashed for easier identification.
· Numbering of array elements now only includes loudspeakers (accessories such as flybars and adapter bars are tracked with letters instead of numbers) for easier array size identification.
· General minor bug fixes.
· Updated Help File.
· Includes updated firmware (see Help File for update procedure)
o Anya (
§ Adds level- and temperature-dependent fan speed control.
§ Power Plants now keep input panel "Test" indicator illuminated while powered on for improved visibility of module status.
o Otto (
§ Initial release.
Known Issues:
· EASE export may fail for larger Anya arrays.
o Work around: Contact EAW Application Support.
· Reading logs from Adaptive systems can sometimes take a long time or fail.
o Work around: Retry log request.
· Coverage lines are not visible on elevated surfaces (greater than z=0).
o Work around: Rotate 3D venue model vertically to see location of coverage lines.
· Virtual microphone SPL text sometimes does not display properly with complex surface geometries.
o Work around: Rotate 3D venue model to see text.
· Array Assistant-generated arrays can sometimes extend below minimum defined trim in situations with very tight height constraints.
o Work around: Re-run Array Assistant with reduced array size until constraints are met.
· Progress bar for Otto acoustic model sometimes pauses at 40% (20% or 70% for two arrays).
o Work around: N/A. Acoustic model calculation time varies by array.

v2.0 [17 Oct 2013]
- Added display of current cursor position 3D coordinate and SPL value.
- Added trace storage capability for virtual microphone frequency responses.
- Added audience ear height selection for each surface (used for SPL mapping, virtual
- microphone placement and array coverage calculation).
- Minor improvements to mechanical calculations in Array Wizard, particularly for mixed-model
- arrays.
- Removed dimensional limitations on ground-stack stage height.
- Added “Mic SPL” toolbar button for even faster SPL calculation.
- Improved “Copy image to clipboard” function.
- Improved Network Configuration View functionality, including:
- “Unassign All” right-click option for Anya arrays.
- Array placement on page is retained with file.
- Improved Anya-related functionality:
- Addition of “Sapphire” voicing.
- Improved EASE export function for Anya arrays. All columns in multi-column arrays
now export as single balloon.
- Improved acoustic model recalculation workflow.
- Minor improvements to Adaptive Performance™ algorithm to handle unusual
audience geometries and air loss pre-emphasis for longer throws.
- Find Me (Trilateration) function process now includes more comprehensive dialogs.
- Improved “Auto Identify” behavior; LEDs now turn off after 10 seconds or immediately on deselect.
- Anya banner warnings are more specific.
- Updated Help File.
- General minor bug fixes.

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